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Spaulding Square - History Worth Preserving PSA


 • Directed & Edited by Stephen Steelman
 • Co-Director Aaron Priest
 • Producer Lesley O�Toole
 • Written by Jim Steele & Lesley O�Toole

Spaulding Square's 160 homes were built between 1916 & 1925 and designated Los Angeles' 7th Historical Preservation Overlay Zone in 1993. There are now 35 HPOZs established in LA to preserve our history, culture, and environment. But two bills headed our way in January 2020 - SB 50 & SB 592 - will spell destruction for us all. We're just one tiny neighborhood alongside hundreds across California threatened with the same thing. We cannot let this happen!

Featuring the Residents of Spaulding Square: Larry Boring, Chris Bensinger, Kelbe Bensinger, Bree Callaham, Charlotte Callaham, Dave Callaham, Chris Colburn, Lisa Cottin, Illeana Douglas, Alexander Dzhuga, Nadiya Dzhuga, Vladimir Dzhuga Sr., Vladimir Dzhuga Jr., Barbara Eich, Kathy Fogel, Joe Frank, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Larry Hoffman, Linda Hunt, Karen Klein, Kai O�Toole-Roque, Michael Moran, Garth Mueller, Kyrston Munson, Richard Paddor, Jairo Roque, Nathalie Samanon, Jim Steele, with Charlie Brown, Chauncey & Wally. "Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie" courtesy Arluck Entertainment

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